Saipem Kazakhstan Branch confirms, that during cooperation with “Caspian Business Support” company under the contract No. 525379, present company managed to prove oneself as professional and reliable business partner. According to services of above mentioned contract “Caspian Business Support” company executed the following works:

  1. Detail design development for construction of living quarter on drilling unit 5946, EPC-2 Island.
  2. Coordination with local regulatory authorities.
  3. Carrying out a state expert review of the project.

Designed project was performed in a quality manner, within the prescribed time limits, in full conformity with norms and regulations in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We would like to mention an effective work of specialists of the present company and operational efficiency in task execution in accordance with scope of work and common conditions and situations, attached to the Contract.

Working results showed an ability of “Caspian Business Support” company to execute terms of contract, intelligent approach to task solution and diligence to Client.
In our opinion “Caspian Business Support” holds a stable position in the sphere of architecture, town planning and construction activities on rendering engineering services in Atyrau region.

Considering all things mentioned above, we can recommend “Caspian Business Support” company as responsible partner, able to perform assigned tasks at high quality and professional level.