Wide experience, high level of professionalism and responsibility of specialists of Engineering Consulting Company “Caspian Business Support” allows worthily to carry out design works and render engineering services in architectural sphere, town-planning and building activities.

Our project organization performs project works in the following directions:

  • Rough drawing designing (sketch plan);
  • Architectural construction design;
  • Plot plan design;
  • Construction design;
  • Utility network and building system design;
  • Town planning documentation design in planning part and engineering facility diagram of the territories;
  • Engineering services (collection of documentation, project documentation approval in all necessary agencies);
  • Field supervision and project monitoring in all stages of construction;
  • Commissioning of facility;

Also we provide services as:

  • Interior design;
  • Landscaping;
  • Replanning projects, rearrangement of apartments and non-living premises;
  • Conversion from living into non-living;
  • Separate entrance device;
  • 3D-visualization, photomontage;
  • Consultation on engineering query.

Our company carries out:

  • Apartment house designing;
  • Office designing;
  • Trade center and shop designing;
  • Beauty salon, mini bakery, printing establishment designing;
  • Warehouse complex and hangar designing;
  • Restaurant, club, hotel designing;
  • Industrial and facility building designing;
  • Agricultural farming community and animal production unit designing;
  • Parking garage complex designing;
  • Cottage (private housing construction), cottage group designing
  • Villa community designing;
  • Land improvement
Engineering services of construction process
  • Matrix making (matrix – documentation list for construction administration, construction progress and commissioning).
  • Technical examination of as-built documentation of “Client” on present facility (SNiP conformity check of hidden works acts, checking of concrete, welding works log, field supervision log, general construction log, as-built and permitting documentation).
  • Conformance inspection of executed works on approved projects (inspection of design and estimate documentation, fabrication drawings in accordance with design and estimate documentation, norms and standards of RK).
  • Inspection of presence or absence of passports and certificates, test certificate, laboratory conclusion, passports of equipment for applied materials, products, structures and equipments, and their accordance with government standards and technical requirements.
  • Administration and work with planned/unplanned inspections of local regulatory authorities on the construction site.
  • Provision of support and control for quality of executed construction works in accordance with project and technical assignments, also norms and regulations of existing legislation.
  • Approvals.

Project adjustment to norms and standards of Republic of Kazakhstan (explanatory note making according to SNiP, making of design parts and drawings, such as: drawing set of plot plan, making of rough design)

Design approval with the following regulatory authorities:

  • Emergency situation department of Atyrau region;
  • Firefighting service department of Atyrau region;
  • Sanitary and epidemiological supervision of Atyrau region;
  • Zhaik-Kaspiy Ecology department;
  • Ecology department of Mangistau region;
  • Emergency situation department of Atyrau region (Administration of state fire supervision of firefighting service)
  • Ministry of environment of the RK
  • Receiving of architectural planning assignment in GASK of Atyrau region;
  • Receiving of expert examination of detail design in State branch enterprise Gosekspertiza of Atyrau region;
  • State expert review of project in Republican branch enterprise “Gosekspertiza”, Astana city.
  • State expert review of project in SBE “Mangistaugosekspertiza”.
  • Making of executive summary according to SNiP.
  • Making of detail design
Technical supervision

Participation in commissioning of finished construction facilities to the client, separate stages and work complexes of facilities put into operation.

Provision of industrial assignments execution on commissioning in fixed time and carrying out construction- erection and start-up works on all quantitative and qualitative indexes in compliance with method statement.

Organization of construction- erection works production in accordance with project documentation, construction norms and regulations, technical requirements and other normative documents.

Provision of technological sequence abidance of construction and erection works production on site.

Provision of technical documentation receiving for facility construction.

Collection and integration of as built documentation:

  • Preparation of permission documentation for connection and commissioning of facilities;
  • Determination and control of all permissions, licenses, approvals and accommodations, necessary to client for provision of conformance to normative regulations of the RK – matrix making of permission, license, approval and accommodation.
  • Control after changes in normative documents and standards and in preparation of reports on regular basis upon prospective changes, which can influence for receiving of permission and for certification process;
  • Determination of all corresponding certification requirements, applicable to the project;
  • Making of certification strategy and certification plan;
  • Control and checking for checking and conformance of current law certifications;
  • Carrying out of selective documentation control for which necessary to receive a certificate of supervision bodies;
  • Translation of documentation of supplier/manufacturer into Russian language, if necessary.
  • Strategy making for metrology and preparation of plan for metrology certification;
  • Execution of all necessary works for receiving of metrology attestation of measuring equipments;
  • Manufacturer’s documentation analysis, carrying out calibration procedure of instruments and document preparation;
  • Work with state bodies of metrology and inspection for receiving of accommodation.
  • Application of database for received typical approvals, metrological attestations, certified equipments and calibration certificates.
Field supervision

Control over project solutions abidance.

  • Monitoring of observance of construction time, normative documents requirements and
  • Incoming monitoring of applicable materials quality.
  • Monitoring of construction quality abidance.
  • Checking of documents presence verifying quality of used at construction of structures, fabrications, materials (passports, certificates, laboratory test results and etc.).
  • Preparation according to availability, with client’s representative participation to intermediate acceptance of buildings critical structure
  • Monitoring of accordance with project documentation normative.
  • Monitoring of execution construction and erection organization’s directions, instructions, requirements of state authorities.
  • Monitoring of abidance for sub-contractor’s technology, recommendations of material and equipment suppliers.
  • Monitoring of making baseless amendments into documentations, increasing construction cost.
  • Participation in conformance inspection of received for erection engineering equipment, its erection quality, and acceptance.
  • Monitoring, correctness of as-built documentation commissioning (general log of work performance, field supervision log, welding log, earthwork log, etc.), including hidden works acts, as-build diagrams, etc.
  • Monitoring of intermediate acceptance of executed work stages.
Industrial safety

In virtue of the Certificate No.0001119 dated 09.07.2010, LLP “Caspian Business Support” performs the following works:

  • Industrial safety expert review of design documentation for construction, enhancement, reconstruction, technical retooling, preservation and liquidation of hazardous industrial facility. (Article 14-12 of Law of The Republic of Kazakhstan “About industrial safety on the hazardous production facilities”).
  • Industrial safety review of technology, technical devices, materials, applied on hazardous production facility. (Article 14-12 of Law of The Republic of Kazakhstan “About industrial safety on the hazardous production facilities”).
  • Evaluation and documents support for the preparation of authorization for the use of the technical devices on hazardous production facilities.
  • Preparation, re-education, qualification improvement in the sphere of industrial safety with the issue of certificates with work permit on IS. (Article 12 of Law of The Republic of Kazakhstan “About industrial safety on the hazardous production facilities”).

Metrology works are full range of services on provision of legislative requirements of the RK in the sphere of technical regulation, such as:

  • Development and preparation of certification dossier, preparation of table on metrology.
  • Negotiation with foreign and local suppliers on the questions, indispensible metrological legislative requirements of the RK;
  • Coordination of works between company and client, also between company and third party expert;
  • Full volume of works for receiving metrological certificate in “KazInMetr”;
  • Work with legislation of RK on metrological provision, including international standards of series ISO 9000;
  • Consultation by rules of measuring tools handling, organizing their maintenance and the following calibration, inspection.
Fire safety

For the purposes of receiving “firefighting conclusion” for firefighting equipments the following works are performed:

  • Analysis making for technical documentation of client and gathering of information.
  • Documents support in laboratories for test performance in the sphere of firefighting safety of experienced and production sample manufactures and ready production on fire-explosion safety.
  • “Caspian Business Support” successfully works on Kashagan field, carrying out the orders for engineering services in architectural, town planning and building activities, services on execution of control made by client (technical supervision) and project organization (field supervision) during construction (general maintenance, reconstruction) of buildings and facilities.
  • Works of “Caspian Business Support” company, also large joint enterprises and Foreign Clients.
  • “Caspian Business Support” company occupies with all types of project activities (with account of designing special project sections, projects of construction organization, method statements and etc.), performs design of apartment houses, buildings and industrial purpose projects of all levels of responsibilities in hard geological and seismic conditions. Provides expert review of designed projects and preparing them to approval. Carries out surveying and technical condition value of buildings and facilities, renders consulting services.
  • Designing is carried out on contemporary level with the use of calculated and applicable comprehensive programmes LIRA, SCAD, AutoCAD and etc.