LLP “Punj Lloyd Kazakhstan”

LLP “Punj Lloyd Kazakhstan”cooperates with “Caspian Business Support” company since the beginning of 2008. During this time “Caspian Business Support” company participates jointly with LLP “Punj Lloyd Kazakhstan” in engineering service of architecture, town planning and construction activities on the following projects of Agip KCO:

  1. Projects “Kashagan field facility construction”
    • Export oil pipeline;
    • Export gas pipeline;
    • Fuel gas pipeline, phase-11.
  2. Support base facilities of Bautino marine operations

According to the results of cooperative work, we can point out such characteristics of employees of “Caspian Business Support” company as professionalism, competency and operational efficiency in solving assigned tasks, and also carrying out an intelligent management on the part of company management.

Effective work of “Caspian Business Support” company is performed in strict adherence with approved regulations in accordance with the established procedures of project construction detail designs, applicable regulatory framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan and first of all in accordance with labor safety regulations and safety techniques, quality and performance time.

“Caspian Business Support” can be of considerable interest for any Client in work execution in engineering services area in architectural, town planning and construction activities, because has got a corresponding material and technical base and professionally trained collective able to realize projects of various level and scope.

Our company in the result of cooperative work thanks sincerely company management of “Caspian Business Support” for effective cooperation.